Back in December 2019, as I looked ahead to the year 2020, it seemed it was going to be a special year. After all, the numbers 2020 were so balanced, the repetition so satisfying, and visually the numbers 2020 looked rather beautiful. Surely it was going to be a unique year! Little did I know!

I determined to set myself the challenge of doing a series of 20 original textile pieces, each 10” square and allow myself the entire year to create them. There were no overarching parameters except to explore a variety of techniques, materials and subject matter. When COVID struck in March, I did make the conscious decision to NOT put any energy into creating any virus themed pieces.

To create 20 pieces in 12 months seemed easy enough; I figured I could manage 2 per month, but that didn’t go so systematically. April saw 3 created while September saw none. I have a few favorites, but mostly I am just pleased to have stuck it out!